EM030 V.A. – Outbreakers I – Guitar Compilation

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CD, 8 Dec 1993

RÜGER’S ELECTRONIC DANCE CREW COMPANY drunten im tal / ALASKA DEFROST ninety-seven per cent of the universe / LO! crush / THE LORD LITTER BAND the sun shines in new york city tonight / MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT pick the day / ALMOST HUMAN style / MMUMM 5 reiselust / SUNEVERISED catch a smile / B-PICTURES & PULPS sarus / L’EDARPS A MOTH und dann reib ich mich zart / TOP OF PYRAMID woman’s voice / MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT real life / GLASS GREEN VIOLINS knights of the night / SCROOGE joseph / AUTUMN a mortal nightmare / ALASKA DEFROST nat cut / SUNEVERISED almost dead / LO! ac