Missiles Of October

Missiles of October is a Belgian band formed  in 2012 by 3 old guys who are playing a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise rock! for fans of Unsane, Les Thugs, Jesus Lizard, Helmet, Black Flag, Mc Lusky, Unwound… (you can also find them in Contingent, Frau Blucher and [P.U.T] bands).

With 2 albums, 3 EP and +/- 100 crazy gigs in UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, France and Germany, they get an impressive live reputation.
They play with Whores., Big Business, Cosmic Psychos, Philm (usa), Progerians, Speedozer, Dÿse, 4 times with Jucifer (us), Hard Ons (Au), Grant National (De), Vandal-X (Be), Stinking Lizaveta (US), King Phantom (fr), Clarkys bacon (De), Don Vito (De), Anomalys (Nl), Membrane (fr),  Revok (fr), The Lumberjack Feedback (fr),  La Jungle, Morkobot (it), Frau Blucher, L’effondras, Remote, Animal Youth , Nine eleven, Visions of war, Veto, Sordid ship, Mattrak attak, Suit Side vs Veda Plight, 164 speedpunk, Slovenians, Binaire, Unlogistic, Ayatollah, systemkiller, Krakenizer, Daïkiri,  OMSQ,  King’s queer,Terrofett  …..

Releases on Ebus Music: