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2023-11-18, 19h — Finnissage „The Haunted House Of Gallus“
Watercoloured Well plays live
+ DJ Mister Tuesday
BePoet Aktionsraum, Langenhainerstrasse 26 (Ecke Idsteinerstrasse)
60326 Frankfurt Main Gallus

2023-11-18, 12 – 20h – Radio X – Tag der offenen Tür
Inkl. Sondersendung Escobar mit Herr Ebu
Kürfürstenstrasse 18 HH, 60489 Frankfurt, Bockenheim

2023-12-16 – Die Lebende Dosis Live in Eberbach Galerie
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2020-02-15 — News – News – News
The C30 „King Ebu – Instrumentals“ was re-released with two rare bonustracks („Aliens“ & „Fractured Life“) as remastered C40 on Tribe Tapes (USA).
Get your digital and/or physical copy here: