EM005 V.A. – The Pop Side Of IRRE-Tapes

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C60, 18 Aug 1990

Side A:
ANGELS OF THE ODD hiding from fears / MODERN ART big dream / OPERA MULTI STEEL rien / FIT + LIMO don’t fall down / RATTUS REXX touch me / LORD LITTER rambo got muscles who needs brain / LA PAPERE DEL DESIDERIO untitled / DEUX BALEINES BLANCHES everything lies open

Side B:
POISON DWARFS the hunting / JAR after all / X RAY POP cobra / SEBASTIAN GANDERA la destinee du journaliste / DIE WELTTRAUMFORSCHER this could be the greatest love in town / POISON DWARFS the dance / JABBERWOCKIS the joke’s on you / RATTUS REXX rambo’s alibi / LORD LITTER i know what we could do / LORXIF MUSIK swing for pink.